Out of the Shadows

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Out of The Shadows (CD)

$20 + P&H

New Zealand Only

It was great getting back into the studio with these newly-written songs - there's soul, funk, latin, romantic ballads on offer here - and laying them down with 24 of Auckland's best session Musicians and singers has given each song a life of it's own.

From the Humorous 'Shake Some Ground' to the soulful 'Still Missing You', the funky 'Soul Searching' (with real horns) to the syncopated 'Make No Mistake', the ballad 'For You' (with string section) to the romantic duet 'She', there is something here for everyone.

I have much enjoyed this whole project, from the songwriting to recording and mixing (even the cover shots!). My wish is that you experience some of the pleasure we've had in bringing this album to you.