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Here is a little history so you know who you are dealing with here...Please note I am still performing live and recording.My Corperate Live band is Evan Silva & Silva Service, we play Jazz Latin Soul R&B, check Youtube for Live clips, plus I have a smaller band for smaller gigs.Evan Silva is one of Australasia's top soul, R'n B artists with a list of impressive achievements in the music industry on both sides of the Tasman.He has been singing since the age of fifteen and to date has recorded eleven albums.

"I spent time playing both of Aucklands main City clubs, The Top 20 and the Galaxie, then toured. After playing the TV Show C'mon a few times with my band The Action, I split to Sydney Australia, played the Whiskey and scored a residency at The Eye ....the rest is history ...Compulsion ...Bell-Bird the Australian / Melbourne Soap ...Award Winning Movie Vision ... years in the studio singing KFC, McDonalds and a lot more TV jingles ....recording albums, gigging with some wonderful players and still at it with writing, recording and performing. I do it because I love it, its in the blood."


100% New Zealand Music


I just love Evan Silva’s album Out Of The Shadows; it’s playing all the time.
— Beeb Birtles -Little River Band - Australia/Nashville.
Evan is International.
— Leighton Smith - ZB Talkback Show host - NZ
This guy can really sing. A very very good voice - really solid sharp looking guy...one of the best records out of NZ - very slick.
— Manu Taylor - Mai FM Radio NZ
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