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Hi There ….We’re into 2019 now and it’s picking up quick with Live Gigs in Kerikeri at the Jazz Club Turner Center Feb 22nd with Silva Service and also Soul Timers gigs with a Private Party back in Cambridge in April 20th and the Refinery Paeroa May 25th.

Im also looking at how I could get a new album recorded as I have written some good new songs.

**You may like to help me with it financially, if you don’t ask you don’t get…if so contact me at evansilva.org

Finally I will have a lot of my music up on Spotify and Itunes very soon thanks to Grant Gillanders .

So albums like Aint No Two Ways About It ..Gotta Get Up ….More Than A Feeling ….Shake Some Ground and more will be available and also my ebooks Under The Afro and Pieces Of Silva.

Remember, if you want to book me to play your House Party …or Officiate as Celebrant at your Wedding…or your Business Function : Contact me at evansilva.org

Hope to hear from you soon Evan Silva. evansilva.org

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